Apollo Surfaces is America’s expert and experienced names in the ‘Tile and Stone’ distribution sector of midwest USA. Apollo surfaces have webbed their reach in Omaha / Des Moines / Kansas / St. Louis and its showroom is a ‘One-Stop-Point’ to ideate, create, choose & design upon the spaces people experience everyday – homes, offices & every bit of the world around. It also facilitate everyone to cater to their construction, re-modeling & design needs by being the single point for stocking, selecting, specifying & distributing the most exhaustive selection of Tiles, Natural Stones, Architectural Surfaces, Quartz & Cabinetry.


Apollo Surfaces is the most-known brand in Des Moines, Iowa. for Stones and Tiles. We are a one-stop point for people looking to design their Home, Office and any other place in the world. We have a lot of varieties of Quartz, Natural Stone, Tiles, Architectural Surfaces and Cabinetry in our warehouse. We are the single point for stocking, selecting, specifying and distributing. 


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Good Interior makes a Good First Impression on you

Different types of Countertops Material in Des Moines, Iowa

  • Quartz

Quartz is the stone type that is used as countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, dressing area and also in other rooms of Home, Office, restaurants etc. There are many types of quartz some of them are Golden quartz, Rose quartz, and White quartz.

One of the main benefits of Quartz Countertops is that they are extremely durable. Homeowners and designers also look for Quartz for its versatile and beautiful designs, colours and patterns.

Most of them choose Quartz Countertops because they never have to be sealed, unlike Granite, marble and other surfaces. They are also nonabsorbent so they don’t leave any stain and do not worry about bacteria.

We are the one-stop point in Des Moines, Iowa for people looking for Quartz Stone as a Countertop in their home, office or any other place. We have a lot of varieties of Quartz stones in our warehouse.

  • Natural Stone
  • Granite

Granites are one of the natural stones used as Countertops. In Granites you can find a lot more variety of colours than in Quartz. People who look for durability and affordable price go for granite countertops.


A few benefits of Granite Countertops are

  • Durability of Stone
  • Looks good at home
  • East to repair this stone countertop
  • The uniqueness of Granite Countertop
  • Sustainability of Stone


By installing Granite Countertops you can increase the value of your place. We are a one-stop point in Des Moines, Iowa for supplying Granite Countertops for home, office or any other place. We have a lot of different colours of Granites in our warehouse. Visit us if you are looking for Granite Countertops in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Best Rooms Have Something To Say About The People Who Live In Them…

Best Cabinetry in Des Moines, Iowa

Apollo Surfaces have a lot of different cabinets for Home, Office and any other places in the world. We offer different sizes of cabinetry according to your requirements. Most of the cabinetry is used to store cooking stuff and other utensils in the kitchen to make your home look good and not congested. 

In most of houses, cabinets are used in Kitchen for storing food ingredients and utensils. Offices use cabinets for storing or keeping important files, documents etc.

Types of cabinets we provide in Apollo Surfaces: –

  • Basic Cabinets
  • Boardwalk Cabinets
  • Steel Grey Cabinets

These cabinets are available in two sizes 30 inches and 36 inches butt doors. These are mostly used in Kitchen to store and not make your kitchen look congested.

  • Classic Cabinets
  • Stain with Highlight
  • Natural with Java Highlight
  • Amaretta with Java Highlight
  • Paint with Highlight
  • Cotton with Tuscan Highlight
  • Nightfall with Ebony Highlight

New moulding options are rail moulding with solid wood of 8 inches in length.

The Glenrock Door

In this, we offer Squared, Recessed veneer panel doors. It is a standard slab drawer of 3 inches still and rail. The colours are the same as the basic cabinets for these Glenrock doors.

Masterpiece Cabinets

In the masterpiece collection the cabinets are of stain texture and types are:

  • Oak Stain
  • Rustic Alder
  • Hickory
  • Cherry
  • Maple

These are the cabinets available in Apollo Surfaces. We are a one-stop point in  Des Moines, Iowa for supplying Cabinetry for homes, offices or any other place. If you are interested you can check our social handles for a look of Cabinetsin Home. We have a lot of different cabinets in our warehouse. Visit us if you are looking for Cabinetry in Des Moines, Iowa.

Unique tiles increase value of Place

Best Wall and Floor Tiles in Des Moines, Iowa

Apollo Surface is a one-stop place for both wall and floor tiles in Des Moines, Iowa. We value our customers and keep a lot of collections for showcasing and helping in the selection of tiles for their home or any other place according to the look they are going for. You find a lot of various tiles and if you are interested to have a glance at the look our tiles give to your home then visit our socials. 

Some of our tile collections are:

  • Alfama Pickets Tiles
  • Alison Rose Sfera Tiles
  • Bianco Dolomiti Classic Tiles
  • Blend Honed Mosaic Tiles
  • Calacatta Tiles
  • Cosmic Tile
  • Dark Star Tiles
  • Diana Royal Marble Tiles
  • Fusion Porcelain Tiles
  • Iris Marble Tiles
  • Piccadilly Tiles
  • Rococo Tiles
  • Shift Tiles
  • Silver Shadow Tiles
  • Skyline Marble Tiles
  • Zen Tiles
  • Flow Tiles

These are the floor and water tiles categories we offer in Apollo Surfaces. To check out our latest collection follow our Social Handle.  We are a one-stop point in Des Moines, Iowa for supplying Floor and Wall Tiles for homes, offices or any other place. We have a lot of different Floor and Wall tiles in our warehouse. Visit us if you are looking for Floor and Wall Tiles in Des Moines Iowa


At Apollo Surfaces, we have some one-of-a-kind designs that have been created especially for the purpose of giving your office spaces a luxurious appearance and developing a professional environment that motivates people to do their best work. These designs are intended to give your office spaces a luxurious look and to create an atmosphere that inspires people.


The everyday people are taken into consideration during the design process of public spaces because it is something that they will see. We have worked out that these areas need to be created with a sophisticated sense of art and luxury in mind, and we have done so. We offer a wide variety of products made from a variety of materials that can be incorporated into the design of public spaces to create environments that consistently awe and motivate visitors.


Residence spaces are the areas that individuals emotionally hold close to their hearts since accomplishing their desire to have their own personal space has been a long-term goal of theirs, and they want to see it come true. Our clients have access to amazing collections, which they can make use of in conjunction with the guidance of our creative staff to design the house of their dreams.










Why Choose Apollo Surfaces in the Des Moines, Iowa?

Apollo Surfaces is a new name for Samsara surfaces. We have been in this business for almost the last 10 years. Our priority is to make our Client happy with our variety of Stones and Tiles , with good quality at better pricing. 

We help our clients to design their home with the best Stones and Tiles in the Des Moines, Iowa. Our clients are so happy with the variety of Stones and Tiles in our inventory. We provide you the best customer service in the installation process.

You Can find the best quality Stones and Tiles in our inventory among the whole Midwest USA. We assure you that you will not regret choosing us for Stones and Tiles.

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